Septic Systems

Fully Licensed for most septic systems (we continually upgrade as new systems become available). 

Collins can design the best system to suit your needs and can even oversee the permit process for you. Planning and design is guided by the Ontario Building Code. Once the permit is issued, an average system can be completely installed in as little as one day, while more complex applications will take longer. The cost of installing a septic system varies related to the size of your application and particularly to the lay of the land.

During the planning phase, time is taken to locate the system a safe distance away from wells and water sources, taking into consideration the function of the property and how the site will be used during peak season. Although it may not always be possible, Collins Excavation strives to blend the septic bed into the natural landscape to enhance the beauty of the surroundings. The end result looks natural and suits the site.

We specialize in:

  • Installation of area beds
  • Aerobics systems
  • Waterloo Bio Filter
  • Eco Flow Systems
  • Microfast Systems